Lady Driver Traditional Weathervane

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A design I simply call Lady Driver, shown here in the Traditional Style.

Each Original Forgery weathervane is manufactured by hand, based around unique designs and are of the highest quality. This should not be confused with weathervanes as seen in the local garden centre.

The pointer assembly measures 34" from point to tail with the motif standing 12" tall. The motifs are laser cut from 3mm steel plate. The cardinal (NSEW) assembly measures 24" from North to South. The pointer assembly is individually balanced and acts upon a ball bearing to give very free movement.

Each weathervane is finished by firstly shot blasting all the components before applying a coat of etching primer. Finally a thick finishing coat of semi-gloss black is applied and baked on. The spheres, point & tail flights are then highlighted with a copper patine to create a stunning weathervane.

Please see the mountings page to help choose the correct mounting post required and select from the drop down menu above

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