I spent my childhood on our family farm in Derbyshire mum, dad, two brothers and sister surrounded by Shire horses, cows and early forms of farm mechanisation. Those were the days!.

Its these early experiences that got me interested in all things oily & mechanical. Christmas and birthdays were more about getting an old lawnmower to play with rather than getting a new game. I was never happier than when working with spanners.

It was only natural when I left school to become an apprentice at our local Agricultural Engineers. This took me all over the Derbyshire dales and up into the Peak district and also into Staffordshire, Warwickshire & Leicestershire.
After becoming qualified I moved to the parts department and spent a happy few years supplying all manner of things to the local farmers.

From here I joined a very large Parts manufacturer as a travelling salesman where I was lucky enough to have all of Northern England as a territory. The love of the countryside just grew stronger and stronger.

Promotion meant moving "Lock Stock & Dog" to Devon, to our small farm on the edge of Exmoor but I never did like working behind a desk. It was time to move on. So in 1997 I threw caution to the wind and left "the rat race".

It seemed a perfect marriage of engineering / blacksmithing skills and a love of all things rural and old to reassurrect one of the early professions.
Original Forgery was born!.

I hope that you like what you find on my website but please feel free to call me if you do not find what your looking for. We will always try to help.

Jim & Elaine Goodwin